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We take the stress out of owning your own business

Owning or starting your own business can be stressful and confusing. Lahr & Lahr Law Offices works with you to develop the contract, agreements, and paperwork you need to get your business running smoothly and securely. We work to help you buy or sell your business or to enter into corporate partnerships.

We'll cover all your business legal needs

Lease your commercial property with ease

 •  Corporations and Limited Liability Companies

 •  Partnership agreements

 •  Buy/Sell agreements

 •  Commercial leases


Whether you're renting your business space from a landlord or are renting your commercial property to someone, we offer complete and knowledgeable advice on contracts, leasing agreements, and financial agreements. Don't sign anywhere without consulting with us first to make sure you are protected in the case of an emergency or lease change.

We work with you to schedule appointments when it is convenient for you. We have two locations or will meet you at your place of business. Evening hours available.

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